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Getting started

If you want to try out lit, you have a few options.

  • In your browser.
  • On your computer. Download and compile lit CLI to run code files.
  • Embedded into your code. You can also run lit scripts directly from your C/C++ code.

On your computer

Lit has no required external dependencies (besides Emscripten, but that's only for the HTML5 builds), so you will only need gcc, make & cmake in order to build the CLI.

On linux, you will also need to install libreadline:

sudo apt-get install libreadline6-dev
git clone
cd lit
cmake .
sudo make install

That will install lit, and now you are able to access it from the console. Let's do what every programmer ever has to do at least once, and write a hello world program:

print("Hello, world!")

Run it, and you should see the familiar message in your terminal:

~ $ lit hello.lit
Hello, world!

Lit CLI has a bunch of useful arguments, like -e or -d, you can read more about them in the CLI arguments section.